Use the opportunity of affordable accommodation at the unique x-bionic® sphere resort in the town of Šamorín.

Join the people that want to make the most of this amazing darts weekend and stay directly at the epicentre of the event.

We are offering you first-rate accommodations with an affordable bonus!

Book your accommodation with the X-BIONIC® HOTEL directly at the x-bionic® sphere resort via the promo code darts2019, fill in the required information and you will automatically receive a bonus in the form of credits refunded to your X-CARD.

What exactly does this mean?

For each booked night we will refund 60€ to your X-CARD. The more nights you book, the bigger the bonus you will receive. Book right now for two nights and we will refund double the amount of credits of 120€ to your X-CARD.

Go in fours and save more!

Split the costs of the accommodation. For example, you could book a room with four beds and pay only pay 47€ per person. You and your friends can then use the 60€ of credits on the X-CARD throughout the whole resort*.


How and when can you use the bonus you received?

Once you arrive the receptionist will give you your X-CARD with the appropriate amount of credits saving you on having to overspend, unlike with other types of accommodations. During your stay you can use your extra credits on relaxation, entertainment or good food.

You can use the X-CARD to pay in restaurants and bars. Just choose what you are in the mood for. Would you like to have a go at our “All you can eat” in the Olym-Pick restaurant? Are you craving a fantastic steak from the Farrier´s Steak House, or would you prefer to choose your own food at our Japanese restaurant APANI®.

Enjoy an afternoon coffee with cake at the X-Bar or go for an evening round of bowling and drinks in Legends´Bar. The x-bionic® wellness sphere will help you relax and gain new energy. Try the sauna or treat yourself to a massage.

Do you want to let off some steam on the water slides or go for a swim? x-bionic® aquatic sphere has everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself.

*The X-CARD can not be used in the TULI® Cinema, x-bionic® equestor sphere or the X-BIONIC® clothing store.

The advantages of booking accommodation at the X-BIONIC® HOTEL

  • Accommodation in an exclusive hotel at the epicentre of the entire Slovak Darts Open 2019 event
  • You have unlimited possibilities on how to spend your free time, be it playing sports, enjoying quality relaxation, entertainment or gastronomy
  • You do not have to trouble yourself with transportation to and from the compound
  • You save on extra expenses. You can spend the received credits, for example, in the hotel bar, wellness sphere, gym, restaurants or on a number of other services.
  • Thanks to the X-CARD you can pay for the services without cash

Note: You are entitled to receive a bonus on your X-CARD only after booking on-line (if you fulfil the required steps); you can not be awarded a bonus on the spot.